Following a plan to manage your diabetes.

Taking care of your diabetes can be difficult and confusing.  You should know that you are not alone in feeling this way.   It has been estimated that proper diabetes management requires an individual to dedicate at least 3 ½ hours each and every day.  Sometimes this is very hard to do.  Also, if the instructions […]



Are my diabetes drugs safe for my heart?

Over the last few years, people living with type 2 diabetes have been reading more and more in the media about their medications and the possible bad things that might happen when they take them.  The headlines have been concerning and confusing.  Does Lantus® cause cancer?  Avandia® causes heart disease!  Actos® linked to bladder cancer!  Glyburide is associated […]

A diabetes vaccine? Could it be possible?

It is not impossible, and it would not be the first time it was thought that there might be a simple injection to stop the onset of Type 1 diabetes.  Research done over a decade ago involved the vaccination for tuberculosis called bacillus Calmette-Guérin (BCG) vaccine. The world became excited that a vaccine might become available.  […]



Can diabetes be cured?

One of the most common questions regarding diabetes is “Can it be cured?” This is a question to which, unfortunately, there is not the answer that people want to hear. Many people living with type 1 diabetes tell the story of being told the cure is 5 years away, every 5 years. For those with […]

Glucose-lowering – let’s talk about it!

First of all, how important is your glucose control early in your diabetes? The short answer is very. Is it easy? Not really. When you are first diagnosed with diabetes, nothing hurts. If you have an illness when something hurts or something is not working right in your body, you often know something is wrong […]

What’s coming in 2013 for people with diabetes?

Welcome to 2013 – a year which promises to be very exciting for people living with diabetes and for those of us caring for them.  What makes me excited about a new year?  Each New Year brings us more information about how we can best manage diabetes and provide support and education for those living […]